Advantages of Writing Your Own Obituary

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Though the thought of writing your own obituary may strike you as dwelling on the negative, in fact the opposite is true. It gives you a chance to reflect upon your life and enables you to focus on the way you want to be remembered. Here are some reasons to consider writing your own obituary.

Keep Creative Control

Writing your own obituary gives you the freedom to craft it to reflect your personality. If you are not sure how to proceed and need some guidelines, there are templates available to help you, but doing it yourself enables you to control the mood. You can make it humorous, somber or spiritual, and tell it in the first or third person. You can make it chronological or focus on key events. The emphasis of your memorial is completely up to you.

Remember the Details

No one knows your life as well as you do, and even if others are aware of the details, they won't able to express the lessons you learned through the years as well as you can. Events that may seem minor to others may be germinal to you, while the events that others view as formative may seem insignificant to you. A spouse, children and relatives know you well, but their memories may lack the continuity and details you could give your own obituary.

Spare Others the Stress

Losing a loved one is a traumatic experience, and in the midst of their grief your family, relatives and friends must deal with the details of funeral arrangements. Writing an obituary at such a time may be a difficult, time-consuming and painful task that they may not be up to doing. Writing your obituary in advance lifts this burden from your loved ones and allows you to do it in a leisurely, less stressful manner.

Collect Memorial Materials

Brief obituaries are often published in local or even national newspapers, but more and more are being published online. When you publish your obituary on the internet, not only can you make the text as long as you like, but you can also include photos, scanned documents and other important materials. When you write your own obituary, it is also a good time to gather this extra material to celebrate your life along with the memoir you write.

Think Ahead

Writing your obituary gives you a chance to pause and reflect upon your life and accomplishments. Considering how far you have come gives you a feeling of well-being but also inspires you to plan for the future. It is a perfect opportunity for appraisal of which life goals you have already met and which you have yet to achieve. Don't shy away from incorporating your hopes for the future. Consider what you would still like to do, no matter how much time you're given.

Writing your own obituary is not dwelling on the morbid, but a reason for celebration. It allows you and your future readers to contemplate your life as a whole, with an emphasis on the lessons and events for which you want to be remembered and not on the circumstances of your passing. It allows you to be in control of the culmination of your life's journey.