Patricia (Pat) Mary Lohle
February 14 1935 - September 30 2018 - Age 83

Patricia Mary Lohle (Ridgway) 2/14/1935 - 9/30/2018

"Pat was born to Arthur and Dorothy Ridgway on Valentines Day 1935 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England. She was the second of three girls: Sue, Pat and Daisy. All three eventually married husbands from Germany and eventually wound up living in the USA.

When the Lord took Pat, it was both a sad and happy occasion. Sad because she had a special place in our lives and hearts which left a void. Happy, because she was relieved from a debilitating condition with no hope of recovery. The Lord proved His love to her and all of us by taking her home.

Yolanda and I met Pat, her husband Walter and their 2 sons, at that time in 1964, within days of our arrival from Switzerland. She often invited us to her home on Sheridan by Sloan Lake. Thus we had gained a friend who was warm, spirited and funny. Her 2 sons Richard and Robert appeared to us like very well behaved, cute boys. They were, and still are now, including Ken, a testimony of Pat's love and dedication as a mother.

Pat only knew too well how it was to try growing roots in a new country. She experienced this three times when she moved from her homeland Yorkshire, England to be with her husband in Swabia, Germany; then on to Canada and finally to the USA.

In the late 1960ies Pat and her family experienced some difficult times, eventually loosing their home and businesses. While this caused many tears to flow, it never broke Pat's spirit. She continued working until her retirement at the hairloom salon she once owned. Pat continued to sing, laugh, dance, work, act her drama, and even gave birth to a third son Kenny. As I understand it, this last event was not planned, but nevertheless a special blessing for her and the family, planned by God himself.

Her faith in the Lord was unwavering. Once I overheard someone asking Pat, "which part of your church's teaching do you believe?" Without the slightest hesitation she answered: "everything". She was one of few who regularly visited the sick and the isolated souls in nursing homes. I just know that our God of love will never forget her practicing "loving your neighbor".

Pat was always a "people person". It was therefore not surprising when a few years after Walter's death, she met a special man in Germany on a visit to Walter's family. Eventually Pat and Heinz decided to spend their remaining days on this earth together. And yes, Heinz was another German. For 14 years they spent time living 1/2 year in Germany and 1/2 year in the USA. The last couple of years become rather difficult, due to Pat's increasing dementia and Heinz's decline of physical health. Because of this, reluctantly they spent the last year apart. Her last two years required much special care and sacrifices by the family. Pat's sister Daisy and her husband Horst, Pat's three sons and their wives, Richard and Karin, Robert and Mien, and Ken, as well as her two grandsons proved their love for Pat by taking care of her in an exemplary way. A book could be written about that.

Even though Pat is gone from this earth, she will always remain in our hearts and memories. There she laughs, dances, and dramatizes. Perhaps, as someone suggested, she'll do that even in heaven.

Until we meet again, Pat! " Kind words from Hans Hinnen, a longtime faithful friend of the family.

Lakewood, CO (current)
Lakewood, CO (birthplace)

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2 months ago
Although I only knew Pat for only the 3 years and 2 months I attended the NAC services in Denver, 2001.2002 and 03, it is hard for me to imagine her in such a sad medical condition, at the end of her life. I prefer to remember her as she was, all the time I was her sister in Christ: a cheerful, smiling, nice lady. I want to send my condolences to her family and let them know that I will keep her soul in my memory and prayers.