Why People Read Obituaries

For some, reading obituaries is a daily habit. It’s a fascination that often falls right into the morning routine while sipping a cup of coffee. Whether it’s a way to stay informed or to stay connected, reading obituaries is a habit that helps people keep track of their friends, acquaintances and brethren. When someone takes the time to write an obituary notice for a loved one or as a service to the family, they know it will be read and shared.

People have been paying tribute to the deceased through the obituary for more than 500 years. Online obituaries are a reflection of a social society, allowing people to share and absorb the life stories of celebrities and everyday people who have passed. Writing obituaries helps friends and family members commemorate the accomplishments and special qualities of loved ones they have lost. Casual and avid readers stay informed and connected, discovering interesting stories on their quest to discover the meaning of life.

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